A2Hosting Review

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Are you thinking of going with A2Hosting? and want to know about their negative and positive Points before buying?

That’s a great thing and another great thing is that you also land on the right page of the Right website.

because we write all the pros and cons of A2Hosting honestly to make this real A2Hosting review

So Now Let’s Come To what you have come here for. Let’s Do the A2Hosting Review.

A2Hosting Review

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– Fast Speed (A2 Optimized Site Accelerator)
– Anytime MoneyBack Guarantee
– Website Staging
– SSD in All Plans
– Performance Plus (Maintain Speed During Traffic Spikes)


– Too Many Addons
– 2x Renewal Prices
– Cheaper Plans Have Few Features
– Only 1 Free Migration in Shared Hosting

Final Words About A2Hosting

A2Hosting is a Very Fast Hosting Service and Very Good in Terms of Speed, Pricing, Uptime, and Other Factors too.

But the problem is that their basic pricing is low but when you go to buy their hosting you will find many addons on the name of 20x Speed boost etc. And if you are a webmaster like me, who wants your website to load faster as much as possible. Due to this your final cart value is almost doubled.

You will go there to buy a good hosting under 100$ but you will spend much more than your budget.

Another problem is that they don’t have any Migration plugin (i.e. SGMigrator in SIteground or Cloudways Migrator for Cloudways ). you have to request them that you need a migration and the bad thing is that if you are on any plan of shared hosting you will get only 1 transfer for free.

if you can do the migration yourself or pay for it and don’t care much about the pricings than A2hosting can be the best fit for you.

A2Hosting Review (January 2022) | 5 Cons You May Aware!

: Are A2Hosting is still good enough in to use as a Web Hosting service? [Read My HONEST Review on A2Hosting to Know the Real Truth]

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