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Bluehost Review: Bluehost is a well-known name in the world of the hosting industry. And you must have got someone’s suggestion to use Bluehost.

And many people also believe that Bluehost is the best hosting. So today you will definitely know whether Bluehost is the best hosting for you or not.

Bluehost is no 1 recommendation of It was founded in 1996 as a side project and run as a full-fledged company in 2003. They are currently hosting 2 million websites worldwide. With such a huge hosting customer, Let’s understand, “Are Bluehost really worth it?”

So Now Let’s Come To what you have come here for. Let’s Do the Bluehost Review.

Bluehost Hosting Review

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– Cheap Price
– 200$ Marketing Offers
– 30 Day Money-back Guarantee
– Unmetered Storage & Bandwidth


– Very Bad Support
– No Free Website Migration
– Slow Speed
– UnSecure & Unreliable

Short Review

Bluehost is very beginner friendly hosting. Their cheapest plan starts at $2.95/mo. They are providing unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage. They are very ideal choice for small business, hobby website and niche website.

They are offering many types of hosting services like shared, dedicated hosting, etc. You will get free domain for 1 year, Clean cPanel, Free SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN to protect your website from malware and DDoS attacks.

They are also providing various marketing services like Content marketing, SEO services, Social Media Marketing services, Sales funnel and many more.

Features Availability
Auto Backup NO Free Daily Backup (Only for Premium plan)
Plan upgrading process Easy with no extra charges
Unique IP NO (Only for high priced plan)
Migration In Free for One time
Migration Out No
Access without domain Yes, staging URL is available
Storage Type SSD in All plans
Free SSL Yes with Let’s Encrypt
Memcached Yes, With Premium Plan
Speed optimization No
cPanel Yes
Auto install CMS (WordPress, Magento) Yes
Free Trial No
MoneyBack Guarantee 30 Day Money Guarantee (Not for Domain)
Pricing Starts at $2.95/mo for basic plan and free setup (only yearly plan)
Data Center Location 6 (2 North American, 3 Asia, 1 Europe)

Performance (Rating: 3.9)

Fast Loading speed is most important metric to judge a hosting. Having a low speed means more bouncing rate and less conversion rate. The performance of Bluehost is not satisfying. They take more time to load site pages. Many websites claims that Bluehost have loading time of less than 1 sec. if any site takes 1 sec delay to load a page, they are likely to get 7% less conversion on their website.

We have taken survey of our readers who are using Bluehost as a hosting provider. Through their response, the average loading time is 4.3 sec. most of the time, website shows error while loading. It is happening in Asian and European region. But if you are from American, you will still get 3.8 sec loading time which means 50% less conversion on a website.

It gets worse with increased traffic. More traffic means less loading speed.

Uptime (Rating: 4.1)

Uptime is the second most important metric as it shows how much server was active on the internet. You will heard that they have guaranteed 99.95% uptime. But users are claiming that their website was not active for 2 days. Hosting has fairly uptime. They will face server down multiple times in a year.

“During the peak festival seasons and high traffic, it will go down for atleast 2 hour a day”, says our reader. We are still testing their uptime and will update soon.

Security (Rating: 3.9)

Bluehost claims that they have partnered with Sitelock to improve their security and malware attacks. It has improved significantly. But their many users are not happy with their security. Their SSL certificate goes down sometimes which creates less trust on website visitors.

Many times, when DDOS attacks happen, they do not notify the website. It protects against a small malware attack but during strong malware attack, their system fails. Also, while scan your website, it is most likely not detecting any hidden virus. many users have complained, and they have solved as soon as possible but their security system is reliable for most of the time.

Features (Rating:4.1)

Bluehost is running for 2 decades. They are improving their offering and services day by day. Their best initial offering is $200 Marketing services for Free. It is best offers for beginners to get marketing services like Google ads and Bing ads credit for Free.

Remember that this offer is only available for US and Europe customer. It only works when you initially deposited $200 in google and Bing ads account.

They also working on their backup system. They provide Auto backup system for Premium for Free (1 year). For beginners, they must install plugin like Sitebackup for securing your website files. But here you must do manual backup which is quite a time consuming.

They also provide dozens of Addons and plugins for Free like Spam protection, Parked domains, Add-on domain, Sitebackup, etc. Also, you will many other common features for free like SSL certificates, CDN, Email account, site builders on One click and Easy to use Interface.

Customer Support (Rating: 4.0)

Their customer support is working very hard to improve customer experience. Their most popular customer support options are phone calls, SMS, and direct chat. You should always prefer Direct Chat support to get instant answers.

When you have any problem or doubt which needs to be solved immediately, they will not respond as soon as possible. It is not that their support staff isn’t knowledgeable. But they take too much time to reply, and you must keep the patience. It can’t be possible to reply many people if you have 2 million customers worldwide. But they have many FAQs for solving your many small problems

So, sometimes you will feel that you are talking to a robot or getting automated answers. Recently, they also removed their ticketing system, which was the best alternative back then.

Value for Money (Rating: 4.0)

Bluehost is very good option if you are new and beginner. They have very cheaper hosting than others. You will get many features and clean user interface. You will learn many things like website building and plugin usage. Speed will not be a problem for you.

If you are from US or Europe, Bluehost is your better option as they provide best services there. But Bluehost is not a great option if you already have a running website. They have many security and performance issues which they are improving daily.

Bluehost can be a great try for beginners due to its perks and features. You will even learn many things while facing many problems on this hosting and Can become Pro.


Hosting Pros (Detailed review)
While understanding any hosting, we should their best of the features. It gives ideas about their quality and speciality. So, here are the Pros of Bluehost:

Cheap Price

Bluehost is one of the cheapest hosting providers on the internet. Their cheapest Basic plan is 2.95/mo for 36 months term. With this cheap plan, you get 1 website, Free SSL certificates and CDN, 50 GB storage, Free Domain for 1 year, free site builder and Free custom themes

$200 Marketing Offers

This marketing offers can become your reason of purchasing the Bluehost’s hosting. This exclusive offer is quite a good deal for beginners. You will get $200 budget to run a google or Bing ads to experiment with your marketing mind. Ofcourse, it works only for US or Europe google/bing ads account when you deposit $200 initially.

But remember that this offer is only available for Choice Plus Plan or above. Basic Plan doesn’t include this offer.

30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee

Bluehost also provide 30 Day moneyback Guarantee. It is available for all the plans. But their moneyback is not “No question asked”. You have to give feedback. This feature is only available for hosting and not with Domain.

Unmetered Storage and Bandwidth

Bluehost has Unlimited storage and Unmetered Bandwidth. This unmetered comes with some limitation which is not described by Bluehost yet. You will get unlimited storage for Premium plans. But if your website storage exceeds their decided limits of unlimited storage, you will get email regarding clearing the storage.

Hosting cons (Detailed review)

Now, we get to know about Pros of Bluehost. But every coin has two sides. Let’s understand its Cons.

Bad Customer Support

We have already discussed about their worse customer support. They take too much time to reply. It can be hard to reply if you have 2 million customers all around the world. Their support staff are knowledgeable, but they lacked communication time.

No Free Website Migration

I know, I know that Bluehost says it provides Free Website Migration. But it is only available for 1 time when you are migrating In. if you wanted to migrate more than 1 website, take their $149 plan for 20 Website migration which is quite expensive.

Slow Speed

Yes, Bluehost has a very slow speed which is good for high traffic websites. They take 4.3 sec time to load website faster.

Unsecure and Reliable

Their security system and its unreliability are something which could be dangerous for your precious running websites. DDoS attacks and malware breach become too common in this hosting.

Hosting pricing

Bluehost provides many types of hosting plans. These hosting plans are different from each other due to extra features, functionality and offering. They have shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and Online Store. Remember that Bluehost is no longer offer cloud hosting.

Let’s understand them one by one in detail.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a low-cost option which allows various website to be host on a single server. You must share all resources and offers provided by hosting provider. They have 3 plans in shared hosting: Basic, Choice plus and PRO. All these plans come in 12 months and 36 months periods. Here, we will talk about 36 months period plans. Remember that.

Note: Bluehost doesn’t provide its hosting on a month-to-month basis.

If you are small business owner, new content writer or first-time website developer who are just getting started 1st or 2nd time. Basic shared hosting is the best option. This cheapest introductory price is starts at $2.95/month for 36 months period.

You will get 1 website hosting, 50 GB SSD storage, custom themes, free domain for 1 year, free CDN and SSL certificates and WP integration. It is unfortunate that you will not get any Auto backup feature in it. However, they have plugin called “site backup” for preserving your old website files and data, in case of website crash.

If you are already running an offline business or multiple websites, then you should opt for Choice Plus plan. it started at $5.45/month. This is a great plan for keeping high end security and privacy for your website.

You will get unlimited website hosting, unlimited SSD storage, custom themes, free domain, Cloudflare CDN and SSL certificate. Free Domain privacy which is new feature introduced by Bluehost. It will mask your personal information in public ICANN domain directory to protect it from spam and malware. You will also get free automated backup for 1 year in this plan.

In Pro shared hosting plan started at $13.95/month, they have introduced two new features that is Optimized CPU resources and Free dedicated IP. Optimized CPU resources are used to optimize the website for high website traffic, high speed, and more power processing.

Dedicated IP is also necessary for extra security and handling payment system because you will have unique single address to get smooth access and risk free operations without any change in DNS management.

Online Store (WooCommerce Hosting)

Bluehost helps you create online store. Online store is created by using WooCommerce plugin which is preinstalled in WordPress hosting. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which helps to create online store, showcase your products, manage your inventory, selling your products and handle your shipping and payment processing.

WooCommerce is easily customizable and provided critical online selling solutions. You don’t have to put any efforts in coding or designing your eCommerce store. Their hosting come in 2 plans – Standard and Premium.

Standard Plan starts at $12.98/mo, and it is better for someone who is getting to start in New online business. Premium Plan starts at $24.95/mo, and it is better for growing your current online store with better features.

They both offers similar features like email marketing, unlimited storage, Unlimited website, Unlimited products, FREE Jetpack for security, traffic analytics, one-click payment processing, Customer review form, 24/7 customer support and manual order creation.

Ofcourse, With Premium plan, you get unlimited Free backup, Product page customization options, Full proof Domain protection and pre-booking systems.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a special hosting which hosts your resources and files in their given amount of RAM and CPU dedicated to your account. It can easily handle your processing power and increase your speed virtually with better security options. You get your own operating systems and dedicated server.

VPS hosting is best plan for emerging startups who are working in Fintech, SaaS, and High-end technology startups. If you are working on something which is extremely secret and sensitive, Use VPS hosting. They have 3 hosting plans – Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate.

Standard Plan starts at $19.99/mo. It is a basic plan for initial website.

Enhanced Plan starts at $29.99/mo. It is a recommended plan for technology startups.

Ultimate Plan starts at $59.99/mo. This plan is extremely necessary for Fintech and SaaS startups.

They have similar features like above plans along with different quantities below: –

Standard Enhanced Ultimate
2 Cores 2 Cores 4 Cores
30 GB SSD Storage 60 GB SSD Storage 120 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Bandwidth 2 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Bandwidth
1 IP Address 2 IP Address 2 IP Address
cPanel/WHM cPanel/WHM cPanel/WHM

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting gives us power, control and flexibility over our website and hosting. You can use the resources, unlimited features, and high-end privacy. They provide the safe and secure environment with high traffic handling capacity.

This Plan is recommended for high level developers and websites with minimum 300k Web traffic. This hosting is not very different from VPS but if you want full control on your website and prior security, then choose this hosting.

Standard Plan starts at $79.99/mo. It is a basic plan for high performing website

Enhanced Plan starts at $99.99/mo. It is a recommended plan for technology startups.

Premium Plan starts at $119.99/mo. This plan is extremely necessary for Fintech and SaaS startups.

They have similar features like above plans along with different quantities below: –

Standard Enhanced Ultimate
4 Cores 4 Cores 4 Cores
2.3 GHz CPU 2.5 GHz CPU 3.3 GHz CPU
4 Threads CPU 8 Threads CPU 8 Threads CPU
RAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 500 GB RAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 1000 GB RAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 1000 GB
5 TB Bandwidth 10 TB Bandwidth 15 TB Bandwidth
3 dedicated IP Address 4 dedicated IP Address 5 dedicated IP Address
cPanel & WHM with Root cPanel & WHM with Root cPanel & WHM with Root

Hosting FAQ

  • Is Bluehost good for beginners?

Yes, they are pretty much beginner friendly. You get 1 Website, Free domain, Free SSL certificates and CDN, 50 GB storage and unmetered Bandwidth for just $2.95/month. This is Useful for Small business and new niche bloggers.

  • What Security does Bluehost use?

Bluehost uses its Auto SSL for its certifications system. For every new website, it automatically creates new certificates with Let’s encrypt. It also happens with WordPress installed accounts.

  • Does Bluehost charge monthly or yearly?

No, Bluehost doesn’t provide any monthly plan. they have 3 types of term plan like 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months. These plans are helpful for you to keep committed to the website for long term.

  • Is Bluehost Really Good?

No Exactly, but Bluehost are fairly good. They have cheapest plan, best features and benefits available and unlimited storage. But along that, they also have bad customer support, slow speed, and unsecure hosting.

  • Does Bluehost have firewall?

Well, they have a firewall known as Sitelock for web application. It protects the Website personal information and prevents your website from malware attackers. Be it HTTP traffic or any potential Loopholes, they blocked it and fix it immediately.

  • Is Bluehost too expensive?

No, they are not too expensive for an introductory plan. they have cheapest plan of $2.95/month but for 36 month term. If you wanted a 12 month plan, you would pay $4.95 which is not a good deal for long term deal.

For Renewal Plan, Bluehost become quite expensive because for 36 month plan, you will pay $8.99/month. So yeah, initially, they are cheap but become expensive during renewal.

  • Is Bluehost trusted?

No, Bluehost cannot be trusted with its speed and security system. 3 second delay loading time can take 50% conversion rate away from your website. Your years of hardwork, commitment, business and research will go in vain if their security system get compromised by malicious attacks on website.

  • Can you Cancel Bluehost at any time?

Bluehost has a 30 day trial time where you can cancel your purchase at any time for 30 days period. After that you must wait till the expiration date. If you cancel after 30 days, you will not get your refund at any cost, or they will deduct the amount covered by domain coupon. It will take 5-7 business days to get a refund.

If you have put your credit/debit card while purchasing, please remove/delete it as soon as possible. It will get automatically renewed without your knowledge.

  • How much Bluehost cost per month?

Bluehost doesn’t provide monthly basis plan. you must take yearly plan to use their services. If you are purchasing 36 months plan, you will get the hosting at $2.95/month. All these rates vary according to their time, features provided, and resources allocated.

  • How much does Bluehost charge for Domain name?

For a beginner, they provide free Domain for a year. After 1 year at the time of renewal, you will pay $17.99 for a year (.com). These rates get changed every 6 months or every year accordingly.

  • What are the features of Bluehost?

Bluehost has many features and addons available with the hosting plans.

  1. Free SSL certificated
  2. Free Cloudflare CDN integration (for Speed)
  3. Free CMS like WordPress
  4. Free Site Builders
  5. Digital Marketing Tools
  6. Customized cPanel
  7. Free Domain
  8. Spam Experts
  9. Sitelock for security
  10. Office 360
  11. Codeguard

Final words

Bluehost has improved over the years and are coming with its many other features and specifications. They have evolved from just hosting provider to build a whole online business through Bluehost. they have many good competitors which you want to know about.

Read our other reviews on different hosting. They will provide you enough awareness and knowledge like this one. Share this article who is planning to purchase new Hosting. We will help him/her. Till then,

Thanks for being a patience reader!

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