Cloudways Review

Selecting a good host is not an easy task for Website/Blog Owners and you have to be extremely sure to a host before going with it and you must know every pros and con of the hosting you want to go with (Cloudways in this case).

Although you can directly go to Cloudways Live Speed test But you should read this full Review of Cloudways if you are really serious about your website/blog.

this will not take more than 5 Minutes to read the full review.

Now Let’s uncover the truth of cloudways

Cloudways Is Rising Managed VPS Hosting Company Because of Their Great Service. They Tie-up with Major Cloud companies like Google Cloud & Digital Ocean.

Cloudways is Giving Big Competition to all Hosting Companies Like Siteground, BlueHost, Hostgator & A2hosting, etc.

So Now Let’s Come To what you have come here for. Let’s do the Cloudways Review.

Cloudways Review (Short)

  • Best Managed Cloud & VPS Hosting

Cloudways Pros

  • Pay as Go
  • Unique IP
  • Staging URL
  • Free Trial

Cloudways Cons

  • Server Level Support Only
  • Issues With SMTP
  • 503 Error Facing Some time
  • No Direct File Management
Cloudways Review
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Customer Support
  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Value For Money
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Cloudways Reviews By Others

Rating ByRating Point
Host Advice (By 442 Users )9.3/10
Trust Pilot (By 192 Users )4.5/5
Tech Radar4/5
Franky Reviews4.3/5

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Cloudways Alternatives

Cloudways Comparison With Other Popular Hosting

Cloudways Detailed Review

Cloudways is a Managed VPS Hosting Company Which is doing great and also growing very fast so as I am reviewing cloudways hosting. let’s talk about the basic features you must know before buying it.

Auto BackupDaily Free Backup & Very Easy to Restore
Plan Upgrading ProcessVery Easy With 2-4 Minutes of Downtime
Unique IPYes, With Every Plan
Migration In & OutVery Easy & Free (Plugin For it)
Staging URLYes, You Can Prepare and Manage Website Without Adding Domain.
Storage TypeSSD in All Plans
Free SSLYes, Let’s Encrypt SSL
Varnish CacheYes
Speed OptimisationYes (Breeze For WordPress Also Available)
CpanelNo, Own Panel
Usage LimitNo extra Inode,storage or Bandwidth Limit.
AutoInstall CMS (WordPress, Magento)Yes
Free Trial3 Day Free Trial Without CC And After That Pay As You
MoneyBack GuaranteeNo, But They GIve 3 Days Free Trial
Support24/7 Live Chat Support
PricingStarts From 10$/Month
Minimum Term PlanPay as Go

By checking out the above table you might be clear about the features that Cloudways is providing.


Cloudways is Secure and Reliable Hosting Service and Your Data are Secure with Cloudways.

As per the cloudways claim all the Cloudways’s servers are protected by OS-level firewalls that filter out malicious traffic. Along with it, they are also giving free bot protection of Malcare that protect your websites from malicious Bots who have the intended to harm your website by doing different types of attacks like DDOS and Brute Force.

You also have an option to block/whitelist any IP from the backend.

Another good thing is that Two Factor Authentication is by default enabled in every account.


Cloudways has 99.99% of uptime but some Time I face “Guru meditation” Error when loading the webpage.


Cloudways is providing Live chat support and ticketing system as Customer Support Service. Support is Just ok at cloudways they respond to withing 10-15 minutes in live chat and reply to you within 1-2 minutes So you need at least 30-40 minutes to troubleshoot any error with the help of support.

Value For Money

It’s a little bit costly but they are providing value for money services, you can use the same server at half price but they save your lot of time and so that’s worth it and It is Value for Money.

Cloudways Speed Test

As I am doing this Cloudways review It’s no doubt that Cloudways’s Performances is great and all thing is working very fast. It Can Handle a High Number of Realtime.

Here is The Speed Test For Cloudways With A 2GB Server on DigitalOcean Which Costs around 20$/Month With a Clean Install of New Php Application and WordPress

ApplicationGtMetrixPingdomGoogle PSI
Clean PHP Application0.5 Second725msScores 100
Clean WordPress With Breeze Optimised1.9 Seconds1.81Scored 96

Note: In The Both Situations I didn’t Connect Domain With the Application and Tested that with the Staging URL.

Clean PHP Application Speed Test On Cloudways

In This, I install a Php Application on a 2GB And test that With GtMetrics and Pingdom. All The Results are In the Cloudways Speed Test Image.

WordPress Installed

I Installed the WordPress at Cloudways on the Same Server mentioned above and turn all the Optimization on Breeze Plugin and then Tested that With Some Popular Speed Testers and Result are Showed in Speed Test Image Below.

You Can Embed This Result on Your Website

Here is the Uncompressed Image to Download and Embed.

Check Live Speed Test Yourself

We Hosted a demo website on cloudways so you can check the live speed of cloudways. Here is all info about the demo website.

if you want to test the live speed of cloudways, you can do that by accessing

Note: Above Speed Test is Held on Different Server configurations.


Here is Configuration for Demo Website hosted on cloudways

Server LocationBangalore
Server ofDigital Ocean
Monthly Price10$
OptimizationsBreeze Fully Optimized
Plugin InstalledBreeze Only
ThemeTwenty Twenty

Cloudways Pros (Detailed Review)

If You are Then it’s obviously You are interested in to move to cloudways and there are also some reasons why you think you should move to cloudways. here we write about the same reasons to go with cloudways.

1. Pay As You Go

As We Talked Earlier In Quick Review About Cloudways Pay As You Go System it’s Superb. You have to Pay Your Bill at the Last of the month for the resources you use Only. So if are not happy with their service then you will be billed only for the days you use their service, not like others as they ask You To Pay first for Year or month.

2. Unique IP

This is another Great thing by cloudways is that Save my lots of time also because when changing the hosting you have to just change the IP and then the domain is pointed to your server and if you have only 1 website at server then the domain redirects to that website directly and if you have more then you can justify that in application’s Domain management Section. Why Unique IP important? No, it’s not much important but at another host, there are lots of Other website at the same IP and if you did not add your domain in the backend panel then you will be redirected to someone another website.

3. Deploy& Setup Without Adding Domain

In cloudways, You have to create an application before adding the domain and that website is automatically configured with temp subdomain under the domain and you can use that as you want. like in WordPress you can manage your admin panel and all other things you do in your domain. When You add the domain name everywhere on your website temp subdomain is replaced with your domain.

4.Multiple Domain At one Website

Additional Domain is the Awesome Feature of cloudways and you can add any number of a domain on the same website.

Now Let’s go to 1 step next in this Cloudways Review and Let’s See Some Cons of Cloudways

Cloudways Cons ( Detailed Negative Things of Cloudways)

As You Know Not any Product Is Complete. Everything Have their Own Pros and Cons So There are Some Problems in Cloudways too. Here I Write about Some Problems I Faced when I am using Cloudways From 1-2 Year Consistently.

1. No Ftp Management:

So the First Problem I Faced is Every time I Want to access My Files From My Server then Every I Need an Ftp Software to access these But If We are on VPS then it’s Ok.

2. Error 503

The second Problem is Their Too Much Downtime Or Some Issue In Website Loading But When I Refresh The Prblm Goes. It Can Cause Lots of Traffic on Your Website If You Have Lots of Traffic.

Issue Last Seen on 2 Dec 2019

I hope they Will Fix It Soon But as I am Writing this Article this Problem is Not Resolved.

3. Live Chat Support Response Time

And The Third Problem Problem Is their Support They Take 10-15 Minutes to Start Chat and if They Start Chat they Reply Very Late on Every Message Aprx 3-4 Minute.

4. Support Limited to Server Level Support Only

The Fourth Problem is With Cloudways is With Solving the Problem of Customer. I Remembered I Faced Some Issue in My Website When I Troubleshoot I found that This Prblm is From Server Side So I Go To Live Chat And Raised the Issue But after 1-2 Hours of Talk They Said They Can’t Solve the Issue Because it’s in Application And We Only Resolve Issue in Server.

5. No Email Account

At Cloudways we did not get an email account management system where we can manage emails at our domain. And Email Sending is also not Working with WordPress Properly. There is paid add-on for this and that also not that much easy to setup.

Finally, After Writing All Problems I Faced at Cloudways I Hope They Will Improve Them.

Cloudways Key Features

There are Lots of Reason to Go With Cloudways And I Cover them in this section

1. Pay As You Go

You Have To Pay At Last of Every Month For Your Resources

if you want to see more screenshots for the cloudways control panel. or wants to know more key features of cloudways. you click on the below tab to expand it.

2. Many Cloud Providers

You Can Use Any Cloud Provider of Your Choice Currently They Tie-up With Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Aws, and Google Cloud.

3. Managed Backups

You Get Backup Of Your All Application For More Than a Weak Old with 1 Click Restore.

4. 1-Click Free SSL Installation

You Get 1 Click Free SSL Installation Feature Inbuild in at Cloudways From Lets Encrypt.

5. Multiple PHP Versions

In Cloudways You Select Php Version Used in Your Server.

6. Staging Area & URLs

7. Multiple Domains at One Website

You Can Point much Domain as You Want at a single application.

8. 1-Click Server Cloning/Upgrading

You can Clone Any Application or Server in One Click and With No Downtime.

9. Free Trial Without Credit Card

You Can Start a Free 3 Day Trial By Just Singnin up at Cloudways and use Their service free for 3 days without entering any credit card info.

10. Easy DNS Management

With Cloudways DNS Management is very easy you have to just add A Record in your DNS setting and Due to this No propagation step when pointing to cloudways. You don’t need to change your nameservers.

11. SSD-Based Servers

All The Cloud Servers are SSD based so you get Fast Performances.

12. Speed Optimised

As of now I am Doing this Cloudways Review Speed is one of the best key features of cloudways. You get Free Speed Optimization with Varnish in Every Plan and if you use WordPress you get Free Speed Optimisation Plugin Breeze By Cloudways.

13. Easy To Move In/Out

Moving into Cloudways is Very Easy With Cloudways WordPress Migrator And You Can Also Move Out From cloudways very easily.

14. CDN at 1$

You Can Integrate CDN on your website in 1$ it’s good to feature but as I tried the CDN service this much slower than the actual local file on my website. Free CDNs Like With WordPress Jetpack is Better than this.

15. 24/7/365 Support On All Plans

You Get Free Live Chat Support on Cloudways. Although they are not providing Call Support. But I ok with it.

Cloudways Pricing

Pricing For Cloudways Have Lots of Things to Know

They Have Multiple Customisations Options You Can Customise Your Server According to Your Need So As You Go Far Your Price Also One Step Away From You.

Basically, if You Choose Digital Ocean Server They Charge approx 10$ For Every 1GB Ram & 25GB Storage. By the Way, 100Px Below Are the Screenshots You Can Check Them to Know the Detailed Pricing of Cloudways.

DigitalOcean Managed Server Pricing by Cloudways

If We Host Our Vps on the DigitalOcean There are Different Plans Start at 10$/Month with 1GB Ram and 1 Core Processor and 25GB Storage and The Monthly Bandwidth of 1TB.

You Can Choose any Plan As Per Your Need here is Pricing Image For The Cloudways

You can Also Check the Prices in Detailed by Going To Cloudways Pricing Page

AWS Managed Server Pricing by Cloudways

Aws is more costly then digitalocean and you can also use aws servers to host your website in cloudways.

Aws Server starts from 36$/Month With Ram 1.75GB, CPU 1, Storage 20GB, and Bandwidth is 2GB. You can Choose Higher Plans as Per You Needs. You can check the Live Pricing By Clicking on The Button Below.

Google Cloud Managed Server Pricing by Cloudways

You Can Also Choose Google Cloud to host your Website with cloudways.

The lowest plan for Google cloud-managed VPS is 33.30$/Month With 1.70GB Ram,1 Vcpu, 20Gb Storage and 2GB Monthly Bandwidth.

You Can Explore More Plans By Clicking the Check Live Price Button

Cloudways How-To

In this section, you read about how you can set up and use cloudways. you can click on explore to view the content

How To Start With Cloudways

As You Read Earlier in This Cloudways Review, Cloudways is Managed VPS and this is not Work Like Your Old Host and They Have Their Own Panel For this. They did not use Cpanel like other hosts.

So First You Have To Signup By Starting Free Trial On Cloudways

Cloudways Review

Then You Have to create a new server and Application* and You Done it.

*Application: In Cloudways if you want to host any website you have to create an application and then connect it with your domain. basically, in cloudways, a website is called application

Now You Have Created the Application and now you have to connect your website with your domain.

How To Connect Domain With Cloudways Application?

You Have Click On The Application and Then You FInd Domain Management there you see a Filed to Enter Primary domain. you can enter your domain there and If you want another domain is pointed to the same time you can enter that in the additional domain field. You Can Also See this in the picture.

How To Get Admin Credentials For CMS in Cloudways?

You Can Go To Access Detail and See You Admin Panel Detail. You can Also Create Sftp Credential For the particular application.

How To Access Mysql in Cloudways?

In Above image, you can see that there is a link to Launch Database Manager You Can Click there to Access your MySQL

Cloudways Faqs

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is Managed hosting solution, where you host your website on vps without any technical knowledge.

Is Cloudways Worth it?

Yes, Cloudways is Good hosting and Worth it if you have high traffic and wants a vps for you website.

Is Cloudways fast?

Yes Cloudways is Fast and it can also handle a lot of traffic in 1GB server.

Where is Cloudways Based?

Cloudways’s is Spain Based Company and it is founded in 2012 by Aaqib Gadit, Pere Hospital, Uzair Gadit. And thaey have offices in Spain, Malta & Pakistan

Final Words About Cloudways

This is a great Hosting Company if you want to use a Managed VPS for your website but if you can manage a VPS yourself, you can go with Digitalocean and You get all the servers at half price then cloudways but if you select any unmanaged VPS you have to compromise with cloudways optimizations.

With this, I am Suggesting You to At Least take Cloudways Free Trial of 3 Days. (No Credit Card Required For Trial)

PS: I Hope you Like this Cloudways Review and Share This.

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