Cloudways Vs Siteground

Selecting from 2 Great Hosting Services Needs a Lot of Research and time.

But I did it for you. So Now Just by Reading this Post, you can make a clear decision that Which one is better for your Siteground OR Cloudways.

In this Post of Cloudways Vs Siteground, We will Compare both the hosting on the bases of every point. After reading this post, you can decide easily to select one of the hostings from Siteground and Cloudways.

I have also Reviewed both the hosting separately in Cloudways Review and Siteground Review where I write about all the cons of the siteground and cons of cloudways.

Here is the quick review for cloudways and the siteground to compare head to head.


– Pay as Go
– Unique IP
– Deploy& Setup Without Adding Domain
– Free Trial
– Can Handle Heavy Traffic


– Free Support Is Only For Sever Not For Individual Applications (Website)
– Doesn’t Include Email Hosting
– 503 Error Facing Some time
– No File Management

Our Ratings

Customer Support
Overall Ratings​


– End Level Speed Optimization
– Great Migration Plugin
– 30 Day MoneyBack
– Stating Url
– Easy to Use


– Expensive
– Problem When Using With Cloudflare
– Low Usage Limit

Our Ratings

Customer Support
Overall Ratings​

There are many factors to identify the best hosting, for now, we will compare siteground and cloudways on basis of Performance, Uptime, Price, Features, and Support, etc.

Let’s do a Quick Comparison Result Here

Comparison Cloudways Siteground Winner
Reliability Good Very Good Siteground
Popularity New and Rising Highly Popular Siteground
Ease of Use Take time to understand UX Cpanel Siteground
Pricing Normal Pricing High on Renew Siteground
Speed 1.9 Sec 1.1 Sec Siteground
Uptime 99.9% (503 Error) 99.9% Siteground
Usage Limit Very High Very Low Cloudways
Support Very Good Good Cloudways
Features 1 Click Staging, CDN, etc Normal Features Cloudways
Overall 3 6 Siteground

1. Reliability

Siteground and Cloudways Both are Reliable Hosting Services but the siteground is a very old hosting provider and they had maintained their ratings as good from 2004. On the other hand, Cloudways is a little bit new in and they have less experience as compared to the siteground.

2. Performance

Here we Compare both the Hostings on the Bases of Performance and Uptime

2.1 Cloudways Performance

As I am doing this cloudways review It’s no doubt that cloudways’s Performances is great and all thing is working very fast. It Can Handle a High Number of Realtime.

Cloudways Response time is 479 ms when I tested it on a clean WordPress install. You can Also Check Detailed Cloudways Performance.

2.2 Siteground Performance

Siteground Hosting is known for its Performance and its speed is really awesome. Siteground’s Shared Hosting can load a WordPress website in 1 sec. Along with great hardware, its software optimization is also too good.

Siteground Average Response time is 347ms – 700ms.

2.3 Speed Comparison – Winner is Siteground

Here is a Comparison Table for Siteground Where you can see the Siteground is Clearly a winner in this Speed test. and But Cloudways can a Lot More Traffic Than Siteground.

Performance Comparison Cloudways Siteground
Response Time (in ms) 479-600 347-700
Fully Loaded Time (in a sec) 1.9 1.1
Total Requests 10 10
Page Size 322 327
Links to Result Result Page Result Page

3. Uptime

Both of the Websites do Well in terms of uptime but you may face 503 Error in cloudways some time.

3.1 Uptime Comparison – Winner is SiteGround

Uptime Comparison Cloudways Siteground
Average 99.999% 99.99%

4. Features

4.1 Siteground Features

Siteground Has Normal features as others have.

4.2 Cloudways Features

Cloudways some additional features which are exclusively on cloudways Like 1 click CDN.

4.3 Features Comparison – Cloudways is Winner

Cloudways has had more interesting features than the siteground.

5. Usage Limit

Siteground Has Usage limit but cloudways had no usage limit and you can use full resources of your server.

6. Ease of Use

Siteground is easy to use as it is using Cpanel but on the other hand, cloudways are using their own server management panel. it will take extra time to understand the cloudways management panel.

7. Support

Both the hosting have good support but many users reported that their problem is not solved by siteground customer support.

Cloudways is doing great with live chat. In the initial days there is a lot of waiting time. but they are fast now and providing good support.

8. Pricings

Siteground’s Orginal Price is 19$ for Grow Big But on other Hand, cloudways is providing the same features in 10$.

Price Comparison – The winner is Cloudways

Both hosting companies are providing many great offers for new users.

Comparison Cloudways (DO 1GB ) Siteground (Grow Big)
Normal Pricings 10$ 19.95$
Pricing For New Users (Yearly) 90$-120$ 71$
Free Domain No No


Which Hosting Costs Less Money from both of these?

For new users, Cloudways is more expansive than Siteground but after one 1-year Siteground’s pricing is 2.5 times of Cloudways.

Who is Faster Cloudways Or Siteground?

Cloudways is a little bit Slower than Siteground. but both companies have good speed

Final Words

SiteGround is good for you if you have Quality traffic with low volume and if your traffic volume is high then you may go for Cloudways

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