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Hostgator is one of the Top Recommended Hosting By Experts

Are you thinking of going with Hostgator? and want to know about their negative and positive Points before buying?

That’s a great thing and another great thing is that you also land on the right page of the Right website.

because we write all the pros and cons of Hostgator honestly to make this real Hostgator review

So Now Let’s Come To what you have come here for. Let’s Do the Hostgator Review.

Hostgator Review

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– Uptime up to 99.98 %
– Free Advertising Credit
– Call Support
– 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
– Less Price


– Low-Quality Tech Support
– Low Performance
– Less Security
– No Free Backups

Hostgator is a big name in the Hosting Industry and Many Popular Websites Like HostingAdvice, Pcmag, Wpbegginers Recommend this hosting And a Website Like Hostadvice & HostingFacts didn’t Recommend Hostgator Due to their Slow Performance and Other Cons.

So In this Review, You Will Definitely find that the Real Cons and Pros of using Hostgator.

Let’s First Take a Look at the Basic Features of any Hosting Provider.

Features Availability
Auto Backup No, Addon @2$ Per Month
Plan Upgrading Process
Unique IP In some Plans
Migration In Manual & Free up to 1 Transfer in Shared Plan
Migration Out
Access Without Domain No
Storage Type Unmetered but Limited with 25% & Inode Usage
Free SSL Included in Every Plan
Varnish Cache No
Memcached No
Speed Optimization No
Cpanel Yes
AutoInstall CMS(WordPress, Magento) Yes 75+
Free Trial No
MoneyBack Guarantee 45 Days
Pricing Need Minimum 1 Month Hosting With Lowest Plan @10$
and Same
Security Sitelock Add-on @2.99$ Per Month

Now Let’s Know More About Hostgator on Basic Factor of Any Hosting

Performance (Rating: 4.0)

Performance is the Biggest Factor when we are going to buy a Hosting for Our Website because the Speed of any Website matters a lot.

And Performance of Hostgator is Low and I will never recommend Hostgator for any website that wants Organic Traffic.

Hostgator is Slow at Perform but Good at Uptime and they maintained it for a long time

if Performance is not a big factor for you then you can use Hostgator.

See The Past 5 Year Live Performance of Hostgator Here

Security (Rating: 3.5)

Hostgator has a Providing Addon for Sitelock Security Feature and They Are Charging 20-30$ Extra For This Service.

Features (Rating: 4.1)

Hostgator is Giving Free SSL certificate in Every plan and They are Providing Cpanel and All the Features of Cpanel is available there. Along With it, you Get Free Advertisement Credit For Google ads & Bing Ads.

Support (Rating: 3.3)

Hostgator is Providing Call, Email, & Live Chat Support And Support is Available in Many Languages. They Are Available to help you But Many Customers reporting that their customer’s support can’t solve the problems Especially when you face any technical issues.

Value For Money (Rating: 3.9)

Their Initial Prices are very less and they are providing the value of that money. But When Your Plan Expires and They ask For Renew at the Double triple price of the previous Period that is of course not the Value for the Money.

Hostgator Pros (Detailed Review)

Hostgator is Bad at performance but also Many good things are in Hostgator

1. Uptime

They are providing an average of 99.98% of uptime from the last 2-3 years. Check Live Result and this is Slightly lower by Bad uptimes of 95.50% in July 2017.

Also with this, they are providing a 99.9% uptime guarantee. if it gets lower than 99.99% they can provide you 1-month free credit in your account

2. Great Support Availability

They are Providing 24/7 Support over calls, Email & Live Chat with the support of many different languages.

3. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You Can Ask the Hostgator for the Full Refund if You Face any issue in the HostGator within 45 days. They will refund you full amount.

4. Free Advertising Credit

They are providing free 100$ Google Ads + 100$ Bing Ads Credit to use in your advertising campaigns.

Now Let’s go to 1 step ahead in this Hostgator Review and Let’s See Some Cons of Hostgator

5. Easy to Use

They’re easy to use for beginners and they are providing Cpanel so overall this makes them very easy to use for beginners.

Hostgator Cons ( Detailed Negative Things of Hostgator)

Along with the low-Performance, HostGator has some other cons also which you should know in this Hostgator review.

1. Low Performance

Hostgator’s Biggest con is its low performance and they are consistent on this from the last 3-4 years.

Their Response time is 900ms to 1600ms. Check Live Results

2. Low-Quality Tech Support

Their Support is available in many different languages but many times they failed to solve the technical issues

3. No Free Backup

Most of the Hosting Companies are providing free website backup and restore but in HostGator, you have to pay an extra 3-10$ Monthly to take backup and this also limited by low storage in Heavy Price.

4. High Renewal Cost

As you know Hostgator is providing an amazing discount to new customers but at the time of renewal, you have to pay a lot more than the previous billing period.

Finally, After Writing All Problems I Faced at Hostgator I Hope They Will Improve Them

Hostgator Key Features

There are Lots of Reason to Go With Hostgator And I Cover them in this section

1. Cpanel in Every Plan

Hostgator Provides Cpanel in all Plans.

2. Free SSL

They also give you a free SSL certificate for your website.

3. Free Advertising Credit

If you sign-up to Hostgator and Buy them any plan you will get free Google Ads and Bing ads coupon worth 200$.

4. Multiple Languages Support System

You Can Contact Hostgator and Talk with their support executive in your regional language.

5. Free Domain Name

You Get Free Domain When You Bought Any Anual Plan For Hostgator Hosting.

Hostgator Pricing

Hostgator Pricing Starts From 2.75$/Month

Hostgator Provides all Type of hosting and Here are Some Plans Info

Shared Hosting Plans

Hostgator Prices for Shared Hosting is Starting From 2.75$/Month When You Buy 3 Year Plan. Prices for the same plan will increase as you decrease the duration of the billing period. Here in the Below image You Can Check the Prices for the Shared Hosting Plans when You Buy for 3 Years.

VPS Hosting Plans

These Pricings of Hostgator VPS Hosting are only available only when you Buy them for 3 Years

Cloud Hosting Pricing By Hostgator

These Pricings of Hostgator Cloud Hosting are only available only when you buy them for 3 Years

Dedicated Server Pricing By Hostgator

These Pricings of Hostgator Dedicated Server are only available only when you buy them for 3 Years

You Can Explore More Plans By Clicking the Check Live Price Button

Final Words About Hostgator

Hostgator is a Good Company if You are a beginner and Want Call Support For tiny Problems and don’t want to spend much on hosting. Along with this website on Hostgator will load the website a little bit slow(900ms) as compared to other hosting companies. if this not a Big Issue for you You Can Go With Hostgator.

So, at Last, It is the Best fit for You if You want to Have Low Budget and Don’t Have an issue with Slow Performance.

Hostgator Review (August 2022) - Beware of These 7 Cons

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