SiteGround vs Hostinger

I had also Reviewed both the hosting separately in Hostinger Review and Siteground Review where I have written about all the cons of the Siteground and Hostinger.

Quick Review For Siteground vs Hostinger

Here are the quick comparison facts which can help you to compare Siteground and Hostinger.

SIteground Vs Hostinger on Bases of Pros

Here You can see the Pros of Both Hosting Providers

Pros of Both Hosting

Siteground Pros

  • End Level Speed Optimization
  • Great Migration Plugin
  • 30 Day MoneyBack
  • Stating Url
  • Easy to Use

Hostinger Pros

Free Website Builder
Faster Speed
Free Domain
Weekly/Daily Backup
30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee

Hostinger vs Siteground on Bases of Cons

Hostinger is Working Great When it Comes to Speed and I Love their Pay As Go Model.

Cons of Both Hosting

Siteground Cons

  • Expensive
  • Problem When Using With Cloudflare
  • Low Usage Limit

Hostinger Cons

Slower Support
Bugs in Hpanel
Slightly Low Uptime

Hostinger vs Siteground Comparison Result

There are many factors to identify the best hosting, for now, we will compare the siteground and Hostinger on bases of Performance, Uptime, Price, Features, and Support, etc.

Let’s See the Quick Comparison Result Here

Reliability GoodVery GoodSiteground
PopularityPopularHighly PopularSiteground
Ease of UseOwn HpanelCpanel (Now Own Dashboard)Siteground
Pricing (New)2.89/Month(Premium Shared Hosting)5.95$/Month (Grow Big)Hostinger
Renewal Price$3.49/mo19.95/moHostinger
Speed (Full Load Time)Good1.1 SecSiteground
Usage LimitHighVery LowHostinger
FeaturesFree Website BuilderStaging, MemcacheSiteground

Rated 4.8/5 By 8478 Users

Siteground is Best Shared Hosting

Best For Users Who Have Low Traffic With High Potential.

PS: It’s For Shared Hosting Only. Go For WpEngine if Your Hosting Budget is Exceeds 50$/Month.

Rated 3.5/5 By 2556 Users

Hostinger is Good in Cheap Hostings

Hostinger is Good for if you don’t want to pay much for Web hosting. Hostinger is one of the best options for cheap hostings.

Final Words

No Doubt that Siteground is much better than hostinger, but there is also a considerable difference in pricing too. Hostinger can be a good option for you if you can’t afford the siteground pricing.

Btw the Good thing is that you can also try both hostings for free because both hostings are giving you 30 Days money-back guarantee.