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Are you thinking of going with InMotion? and want to know about their negative and positive Points before buying?

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InMotion Hosting Review

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– Green Hosting
– Free Website Transfer
– 90 Days Moneyback Guarantee
– Free Resources
– In-house and Open Source Tech


– High Pricing and No Monthly Plan
– Only 2 Data Center
– No Free Backup And Restore

Short Review

InMotion is one of the biggest and oldest hosting providing company in the world. They have started their journey from Los Angeles in 2001. They are a very known and reliable hosting company in the US. This company is not established or Owned by the big brands but rather run by the Tech geeks who wanted to solve the problems in the hosting industry.

It is pretty much evident that they are working and improving since 2001. It is their constant efforts and problem solving methods to give better Customer experience. Today, they have more than 1.2 million customerbase all around the world. These numbers are the proof that they are seriously working to give the best out of the best.

But should these numbers and metrics be barrier to judge current performance of the company? I know that they are very establishment brand and veteran in this crowded hosting sector. But I am straightforward that I will try my best to give you the valid and factual information about this hosting.

Let’s get started and see every aspect of the best hosting through the examination of our experts.

Features Availability
Auto Backup NO
Plan upgrading process Plan upgrades in 1 day
Unique IP Available in every plan (not with shared hosting plan)
Migration In Free Migration with No downtime upto 3 websites
Migration Out No (only external plugins)
Access without domain No
Storage Type SSD in all plans
Free SSL Yes, Let’s Encrypt SSL
Memcached Yes, but only for VPS and Dedicated plan
Speed optimization UltraStack
Cpanel Yes
Auto install CMS (WordPress, Magento) Yes
Free Trial No
MoneyBack Guarantee 90 days moneyback guarantee
Pricing Lowest plan is $5.99/mo for 2 years
Data Center Location 2 (Los Angeles and Washington DC)
Site Migration Free Site Migration

Performance (Rating:4.2)

Speed is the most important metric to judge any website in the world. Even 1 sec in delay can cost you 11% less in sales conversion. Google algorithm always prefers fast loading websites. The performance of your website will determine good customer experience and high ranking in google search results. High speed or performance means fast loading time and low bounce rate.

Now, that you have realized the important of the speed. Let’s see loading time of website. To test a website, we purchased power plan of InMotion shared hosting. By running various test and using high traffic on the website, we have got average loading time of 438 ms and server response time of 134 ms.

That means it takes only half of a second to load a full website. This indicates InMotion hosting has fast loading time.

But to become full assure, I have asked my readers regarding their experience on InMotion hosting performance by emailing them a forum. We have got 250+ answers (40% of our readers are from USA). By reading all their answers, we have got average loading time of 642 ms.

But users from US and Europe have fast loading time than Asia. This is due to 2 data centers located in USA. Many customers also complained that InMotion used to provide high performing hosting and they are not giving good customer experience.

So, to improve its performance, they have replaced all HDD storage with SSD Storage. Many hosting companies still use the traditional HDD storage which does provide more storage but less speed. The Ultra-fast SSD storage makes sure you will have faster response time and cuts its 40% of loading speeds. They even take a step further to increase speed of website.

Their data centers are placed in Max Speed Zone. These speed zones are in the west coast and east coast of America. These strategic locations are actually the internal exchange points which ensures fast response times worldwide. They do easily process the requests from other countries and helps servers to respond faster. The eCommerce sites can easily target US audience through these zones.

Overall, InMotion performance is moderate for Asian and Middle east countries and Great for US and European countries.


Uptime (Rating:4.6)

Uptime is something which determines good potential of hosting provider. But why? Suppose if someday, your website’s server got down or stop working or have 1 minute of downtime, then, your website will become non-existent and irrelevant to Google.

Your site will not have any presence on search results, and you will loss many potential sales to similar sites on your search result instead. That means your website’s server should be working and active for 24/7/365.

InMotion has claimed to provide 99.99% uptime guarantee. Many companies claimed their 99.99% uptime. So, our experts run test on their Uptime for a year. Through our testing, we have got an average Uptime of 99.91% which is great. For one year, they have just 4 hours downtime. 4 hours might look big, and it is a big deal, but it has less downtime than other hosting providers.

Even our readers are satisfied with their Uptime guarantee. InMotion are working on improving their uptime to 100% which is unimaginable for me. We are continuously tracking their uptime and will update their Uptime on yearly basis.

To improve their Uptime, they have started peering exchange. In this process, we have many peer connections, and they are directly connected to different multiple networks. Their Uptime is working great for US and European customers, and they have higher response from that region also. So, I find their Uptime guarantee reliable.


Security (Rating:4.3)

Security is a major concern while hosting and running website. Any type of data breach, malwares and DDoS attacks can ruin your website easily. InMotion supports WordPress PHP 8 which has enhanced security, error handling, and data protection. But still InMotion has gone 1 mile further to protects its ecosystem.

InMotion has deployed various security suite like Spam Experts, Free SSL certifications, Free SSH, Amazon S3, Hack protection tool, Corero’s Smartwall threat defense system, Cisco ASA 5560 Hardware firewall and backup manager. Let’s understand all the suite one by one to understand security strength of InMotion.

Spam experts will filter and remove any email that has suspicious link into trash can. Any email with unwanted link can be gateway of malicious virus.

SSL certificate authenticates and protects website identity and enables security protocols to encrypt and secure the data between server and browser. It protects your sensitive data like credit cards, logins, domain and hosting access.

On top of that, SSH access make sure a network communication protocol between two networks or computers. It protects your communication data, transfer of any information and data sharing while operating or browsing.

Amazon S3 is a supreme object cloud server known for Data restoring, backups and Application rollbacks. This security system stores and retrieve your data while any virus attacks. They automatically backup all your site data on cloud server. Their application rollbacks feature is useful for restoring previous version of apps on failed updates.

InMotion has build their own hack protection tool called Patchman which examine all your website and search for any breaches, patches, and bugs. These bugs can easily used for hacking your site. Patchman searches these vulnerabilities in website before hacks can happen.

Corero is a very established company for the cyber security. InMotion uses Corero’s Smartwall threat defense system to detects the real time DDoS attacks while inspecting site traffic. They use the first line of defense where they mitigate and eliminate any DDoS attacks without interrupting the consumer traffic in real time.

Cisco ASA 5560 Hardware firewall is capable of Antivirus, VPN and Intrusion prevention. They proactively defense the attacks of virus and malware and prevents their spread throughout the network. Along with all these security suites, they have backup manager which is a paid automatic data backup software. It costs $2 for 10 GB backup and $1 for further 10 GB.

I think all these security suites make them way more secure but remember that all these features are not available collectively for shared hosting. Even though we have mentioned other security suite in their pricing section. So, wait for that and keep reading!


Features (Rating:4.8)

The true expertise of InMotion hosting is providing various features in low-cost plan. Any web hosting platform is nothing valuable without their various features, tools, and offerings.

In any InMotion plan, you will get FREE Domain, Free website transfers, Free Website builder, Professional Email accounts, Free Hack protection tool, Green Hosting, eCommerce tools for product listing and payments, Google apps and One click install of 400+ free applications, CMS like wordpress, 200+ custom themes, Free Advertising credits worth $150, 90 days moneyback guarantee, FTP domains and many more.

Apart from these various features, we have many other features which is available according to your hosting plan. All these features are interesting to talk about and you should know about them.

  1. Brotli Compression to reduce HTTP content and server resources to loads web faster. It is necessary in case of low internet penetration.
  2. UltraStack, an in-house built operating system stack which is customizable and used to implement functions and backtracking algorithms. They are used to provide great web hosting experience for fast response and Organized data.
  3. WordPress Optimized Stack like NGINX Caching, a proxy server who stores web pages into memory and can load whole page from memory without executing codes.
  4. Launch assist is where InMotion’s experts provides you 2 hours free assist and professional help while migrating your website and set up their custom server.
  5. Free Jetpack Personal plugin includes content delivery network, social media tools and Daily Backups.

All these features are very helpful, and they eliminate your website error like speed, security and backup collectively.


Support (Rating:3.9)

Every website runs for 24/7. They need knowledgeable and understanding support 24/7. InMotion has all customer support staff based in US. They have communication training for their staff before any hiring. It makes sure that these staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding.

InMotion provides various modes of communication like Phone (for US), Email, Live Chat and Skype. Earlier, they used to have great customer support. Many customers might not like their hosting as they are not that mainstream advertised, but their customer support was their reputation.

But in the last 3 years, they are not providing good support. Many customers are very disappointed. Although staff have enough knowledge, but they are taking time to respond to the customers. Sometimes, they are not providing any information or helping their customers. Due to delay, customers are felting disappointed because 95% of website have no expertise in handling tech stuffs.

There are many reasons why their customer support is not good that they used to be known for. First reasons is simple that they have 1.2 millions customers worldwide. These numbers make it difficult them to reachout quickly. Second reason is that they have not training their staff anymore due to undisclosed reasons. So, you will not get quick response. Third reason is that they don’t have Asian data centers which makes it extremely to solve their Asian customers problems.

But wait, are really that bad? No, not that much because most customer support problems faced by middle east and Asian countries. Even if you are not satisfied with their Live chat, then you should look for their content library. They have so many helpful blogs and “How To” question forums which will solve your problems easily.

All their blogs are detailed and well curated. I can guarantee you that your 90% problems will get solved just by looking at their detailed blogs and QNAs. If you are beginner who wants to learn about hosting, please consider their blogs seriously. They will teach you easily everything from scratch.


Value for Money (Rating:4.4)

InMotion is worth of your every penny. We can assure you that they have best possible hosting services and features from any other hosting. If you are someone who have obsession on tech stuff or you are a “Tech geeks”, Choose InMotion Hosting over anything. They are best in the industry. Even their low cost plan is justified by seeing their features and offerings.

But may I remind you that this hosting is not a cup of cake for Beginners. They have many features and functionality which will not be suitable for you. You can easily read their blogs which have knowledge nuggets. I will help you in the long term.

InMotion hosting used to best who is known for their Speed and support. But due to many competitions, tech advancement and features offering, they have lacked in their both superpowers. But now they are working in their speed and improved since last 2 years. Their Uptime is great, and they are rich in features. Also, their security is good. So, overall, I will recommend this hosting to you.

If you ask me that which hosting is best in InMotion, I will recommend you the Dedicated server hosting. They are clearly ahead in their dedicated hosting.


InMotion Hosting Pros (Detailed review)
Before looking for Pros in InMotion hosting, remember that we have already mention good and bad of performance, uptime, security, etc. in this Pros, we will talk about some unique offering of InMotion Hosting.

Green Hosting

Green Hosting is an eco-friendly initiative by hosting companies to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact by using green technologies. They use the method of carbon offsetting to power the data center with renewable energy. Planting the trees and plants around Data centers and using the energy saving appliances to conserve energy.

Since 2010, InMotion has started their effort to reduce carbon footprints in data centers. 50% of energy is used for cooling and air conditioning of Data centers. So, to combat this, they have started using Advanced Outside Air Cooling Technology. This technology cuts energy consumption by nearly 70% and reduce the carbon emissions by more than 2000 tons per year.

InMotion Hosting, in order to promote the sustainable agroforestry, has partnered with “Trees For The Future”. It is their Strategic Eco-friendly initiative to reduce their energy consumption and provide solutions to replace the existing resources. So, they have decided to Plant 5000 trees in the developing countries.

Free Website Transfer

InMotion provide you with Free Website transfer which is quite unheard in this industry. You call easily transfer your website from another hosting into InMotion hosting for Free.

They promised to transfer your website without any Downtime which can be crucial for high traffic websites because it takes atleast 1 day to transfer your website. They even help you to setup your domains, website and cPanel.

You can easily transfer 3 websites upto 10 GB Storage for FREE.

90 days Moneyback Guarantee

InMotion has so much confidence in their services and products that they give you 90 days moneyback guarantee after purchasing their hosting. You have 90 days to check if their hosting has any worth for you. Its clearly indicates that they are very serious about their services and ready to go extra mile to give you full assurance.

But remember that you must check their terms and conditions of 90 days moneyback guarantee. It looks lucrative from outside, but they might work differently. Most of the hosting companies doesn’t refund the full amount but they cut the cost of “FREE domain” if you are purchasing their plan.

Free Resources

InMotion is truly great and rich in terms of their features and Free resources offerings. It might look no big deal from outside, but Bloggers know its importance. Free resources save you a lot in the expenses and cost.

They have many free resources like SSL, SSH access, 400+ free Apps and integration, free eCommerce tools, Website Builders, Free advertising credits worth $150, Free Website Transfer, Free SSD Storage, Hack Protection like Patchman, Free Security Suite and Email address.

In-house and open source Tech

They are creating their own in-house technology and tools. These in-house built technology leaves less chances to get hacked or compromise. You can add or remove anything that is not useful to your platform. Patchman is one of their in-house build Hack protections. It can detect any malware before hacks can happen.

Also, InMotion Hosting has been great supporter of Open-source projects. They have used many open-source projects to improve its performance and services. These open source projects are available in eCommerce to hosting services like NGINX, Prestashop, b2evolution, WordPress, OpenCart and many more.


InMotion Hosting cons (Detailed review)

Now that we have enough praised its Pros, lets look at their cons which is also affect its services and diminished the platform.

High Pricing and No monthly plans

InMotion provides low cost Launch plan only for 2 years. Like the lowest plan you can sign for 2 years is $5.99/mo. After their introductory plan is over, they hold no advantage over their competitions. That Same Launch renewal plan cost for $10.99/mo. So, they sell their regular plans at 50% discount for new customers for One time.

These tricks are used by various hosting providing companies to attract the customers. But InMotion hosting renew plan gets doubled after 2 years which is quite irritated for customers. Also, along with that they are not providing any monthly plans. So, they keep the customers trapped in their hosting services for the whole One year.

2 Data Centers

InMotion has only 2 Data centers and that too in USA. Can you believe that this huge company has only 2 data centers? Their competitor “Bluehost has 5 Data centers in every human continent”.

Having more data centers ensures great performance, speed and Uptime of the hosting servers. Their US data centers are working great for US and Europe countries. But Asian and Middle East countries facing many glitches, network outrage and Slow speed all around the world.

Less Data centers are also limiting their security measures and customer support. Although, they are employing many technologies and methods to strength their hosting. But it is not sufficient if you wanted to become a World-class hosting provider.

No Free Backups and Restore

InMotion are providing many tools for free. But most important thing which any website needs Free backup and restore. Although, InMotion claims that they are providing free website restoration, but they are not offering free Automated backups for shared hosting.

This hosting can be a less appealing for Pro bloggers who knowns the importance of backups and restoration. However, you can purchase “Backup Manager” for $2/mo ($48 for 2 years). But it is only backup first 10 GB data. For each additional 10 GB, you have to pay $1/mo.


InMotion Hosting pricing

InMotion provides many types of hosting plans. These hosting plans are different from each other due to extra features, functionality and offering. They have shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, Managed VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Remember that InMotion is not offering offer cloud hosting.

All these plans come in 1 month, 12 months and 24 months periods. Here, we will talk about 24 months period plans. Let’s understand them one by one in detail.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a Popular and Entry level Option which allows various website to be host on a single server. You must share all resources and offers provided by hosting provider. They have 3 plans in shared hosting: Launch, Power and PRO.

This Plan is attractive for small and medium size businesses. If you are influencer, freelancer or new creator, this shared hosting will be useful for launching new blog, showing portfolios, and starting new business.

They have faster website speed upto 20x faster due to free SSD storage. They are using UltraStack which is proprietary operating systems. It can optimize your website to load faster. You don’t even have to purchase new Ecommerce plan for online store. It has many Ecommerce Tools to let you sell your products on your website.

They have added various convenient offering in their plans like –

  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Easy to Use cPanel
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Security Suite like Spam Experts, Backup Manager, SSH Access, Malware Protection, safe application roll-back.
  • Marketing Tools like Google apps and one click 400+ apps integration, Free Advertising Credits like $150
  • FREE Boldgrid Website Builder
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

Apart from various features that we will mention below in Table along with plans, they have Two Unique Features integrated. First, No-Downtime Free Website Transfer which will keep your website online while migration. Second, QuickStarter Websites which is service provided by InMotion. They will build your 1 page website responsive for web and mobile in just 2 days for only $249.

Now let’s have look at our pricing table. Remember that they have some features and offerings in common among different plans. So, we have mentioned them above.

Hosting Plans Launch Power PRO
Websites 2 50 100
SSD Storage 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Performance 3x 4x 6x
Email Address 10 50 Unlimited
Advanced Caching Yes Yes
Pro Support (SLA) Yes
Parked Domains 10 100 Unlimited
Sub Domains 20 200 Unlimited
Price $5.99/mo $5.99/mo $14.99/mo


These plans are beginner friendly, and developer can easily make changes in them. They are 14 year CNET certified for best performance, Secure transaction, and best operated hosting.

WordPress Hosting

This hosting is specifically WordPress optimized to get safer website with easy migration, better security and faster loading speed. WordPress is known for easy to build websites. They are very scalable and customized CMS solutions today. You will get various wordpress tools and resources for free or at the low cost.

With already installed WordPress, you get WordPress optimized stack like WP-CLI, PHP8, Imagemagick and many more. You can have many free themes templates for design and premium plugins like Jetpack license.

They have added various convenient offering in their plans like –

  • Free Domain and Unlimited Email accounts
  • Brotli Compression to reduce HTTP content and server resources to loads web faster.
  • Free SSD storage to get upto 20x Faster speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Easy to Use cPanel
  • WordPress Optimized Stack like NGNIX, FastCGI protocols, advanced server caching and many more
  • Security Suite like Spam Experts, FREE SSL, Backup Manager, SSH Access, Malware Protection, safe application roll-back, Web App firewall and Auto Plugin Updates
  • Marketing Tools like Google apps and one click 400+ apps integration, Free Advertising Credits like $150, Email on any device and customer management tools
  • Drag and Drop WordPress Website Builder with 200 free themes
  • Staging Environment to build and test the copy of website
  • Jetpack Personal includes content delivery network, social media tools and Daily Backups.
  • 24/7/365 US based Customer Support

Along with these offerings, they have introduced two new features which is not easily available. First, they have FREE wordpress website transfer. It is a very simple and efficient process to transfer your website without any downtime. Second, they have installed Amazon S3 which is supreme Object cloud server. Amazon S3 is known for security of remote backups, automatic rollbacks over failed updates and one click website data restore.

Now let’s have look at our pricing table. Remember that they have some features and offerings in common among different plans. So, we have mentioned them above.

Hosting Plans WP-1000S WP-2000S WP-3000S WP-4000S
Websites 1 2 3 6
SSD Storage 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
Performance 4x 6x 8x 12x
Monthly Visitors 20,000 50,000 125,000 300,000
Jetpack Version Free Personal Personal Professional
Dedicated Opcode Cache Pool Yes Yes
Parked Domains 26 50 100 100
Sub Domains 100 100 100 100
Price $6.99/mo $6.99/mo $12.99/mo $19.99/mo

And, in case if you have no idea about dedicated Opcode Cache pool. Opcode cache stores your compiled PHP code in the server’s memory. This helps to loads your website faster. It is PHP 8 supported which enhanced wordpress security.

If you don’t have affection towards hosting 100s of website simultaneously, WordPress Hosting is recommended. Its features are enough to provide the best performance and high quality security for your website at nominal prices.

Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting is very secure and reliable hosting. They will get secure virtual hosting like dedicated hosting at half the cost. It has strengthened security and enhanced performance of the website. VPS hosting is managed by team of technical experts which helps you to focus only on business parts and not technical parts.

Server management will handle cPanel, technical operations, performance, customer support and customize of website on your behalf. This secure hosting solution will give you piece of mind and total hand-off management of your server.

They have some of the common features useful for every VPS hosting plans –

  • Real time Redundancy (if your node stops functioning, this feature will shift the website on the functioning server)
  • Brotli Compression to reduce HTTP content and server resources to loads web faster.
  • Free SSD storage to get upto 20x Faster speed with UltraStack Infrastructure.
  • Dedicated resources without upfront cost and resource monitoring dashboard
  • WordPress Optimized Stack like NGNIX, FastCGI protocols, advanced server caching, PHP-FPM, Apache, REDIS and many more
  • 24/7/365 US based customer support
  • 10x traffic handling capacity with no downtime
  • Live Snapshots for backup and restoring website data includes running processes.
  • Corero DDoS attack protection and FREE SSH for immediate response
  • Fully eCommerce optimized and FREE server management
  • Free Domain, FREE SSL and unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited Website and unlimited Bandwidth
  • 3 Dedicated IP Addresses and 5 FREE cPanel

Along with these common features, we have 1 Unique feature introduced by InMotion hosting. Launch assist where InMotion’s in-house premium experts helps you transfer your website with no downtime. They assist you migrating your website to their server and provide sysadmin level support. They spend 2 hours with you to configure and optimize the custom server setup.

Now let’s have look at our pricing table. Remember that they have some features and offerings in common among different plans. So, we have mentioned them above.

Hosting Plans 2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM 6 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
CPU Cores 2 4 6 8
SSD Storage 45 GB 75 GB 105 GB 140 GB
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB
Price $19.99/mo $29.99/mo $44.99/mo $59.99/mo

High-availability and Scalability are the reasons that VPS hosting used in various fields. These features give them better speed, power, security server management and affordability to launch any size app or website. All these VPS are in isolated and private areas which protects its data and increase bandwidth threshold.

They are very beneficial hosting in Server Software Testing, Collaborative File Editing, Media Streaming, Project Management, Social Networking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Video Teleconferences, Server Security Hardening, etc.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is basically an individual physical server for 1 entity or business. They are resource rich server used by big organization to handle heavy traffic and protect their multiple websites from unlimited malware attacks. It has high storage capacity, hyper fast loading speed and reliability.

They offer Self-Managed and Managed dedicated server plans. We will only talk about self-Managed plan here. Self-managed plan is used for technical geeks and advanced users like system administration, IT Administrator, web developers and System Networking. You have whole command on all the resources provided by hosting providers.

There are many common useful features we have in the dedicated hosting plans –

  • Smart Routing technology keeps the server running by rerouting bandwidth spikes.
  • Ethernet Uplink connection to handle sudden increase in traffic by exchanging of multiple data center points.
  • FREE setup, Free SSL with 2048-bit Encryption and Free SSD storage
  • FREE Launch assist for migrating and optimizing your website with No downtime.
  • Free 50 GB Backup storage and 8 MB CPU cache
  • FREE cPanel and WHM included for database, subdomains, and central dashboard.
  • Easy Server Management with OS security patches and auto updates
  • Multi-layer defense with Tier 1 Network connectivity and Corero protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Softaculous helps installation of 400+ applications directly on cPanel.
  • Cisco ASA 5560 Hardware firewall is capable of Antivirus, VPN and Intrusion prevention. They proactively defense the attacks of virus and malware and prevents their spread throughout the network.
  • 99% network uptime with UltraStack network and hardware infrastructure to give scalability.

They have cover up every aspect of best hosting features. But they are also using Bare Metal server and commercial High grading security to make the system perform better and defend cyberattacks.

Now let’s have look at our pricing table. Remember that they have some features and offerings in common among different plans. So, we have mentioned them above.

Hosting Plans Essential Advanced Elite
Intel CPU Specs Xeon® E3-1246 v3 Xeon® E-2134 Xeon® E-2136
Cores/Threads 4C / 8T 4C / 8T 6C / 12T
RAM 16 GB DDR3 32 GB DDR4 64 GB DDR4
Disk Space 1 TB SSD Primary 2 TB SSD Primary 2×1 TB SSD RAID
RAID Technology Software RAID Software RAID Software RAID
Monthly Premium Transfer 15 TB 15 TB 20 TB
Clock Speed 3.50GHz Turbo 3.50GHz Turbo 3.30GHz Turbo
Dedicated IP Addresses 5 10 15
Price $139.99/mo $189.99/mo $259.99/mo

Dedicated Hosting are built for startups who have sensitive users’ information. This hosting avoids any kind of vulnerabilities or network outrage and breaks your speed barrier.


InMotion Hosting FAQ

Where are InMotion Servers?

InMotion is currently serving 1.2 million customer bases with two DATA centers. Washington DC and Los Angeles. They are using Max Speed Zones to increase the website speed and Peering exchanges to increase server speed. All their plans have SSD Storage.

What is InMotion Hosting Launch Plan

InMotion Hosting’s Launch plan is a low-cost plan. This plan costs $5.99/mo for 2 years. You will get 2 websites supported hosting, Free Domain name, Free SSL, 50 GB Storage, 10 Email accounts, Free Website builder, Unlimited metered bandwidth, 500 MB Email storage, $150 worth advertising credits and plenty of the features.

What are the advantages of InMotion Hosting?

InMotion has many benefits and advantages like –

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Good Speed
  • Great security with advanced tools
  • Green Hosting to remove carbon footprints
  • Lots of Features and tools
  • Free Resources and Open source projects
  • Value for Money
  • Free Website transfer
  • 90 days Moneyback Guarantee

Who should use the InMotion Hosting?

Anyone can use InMotion Hosting but I will recommend this Hosting to Pro-bloggers, Heavy resources websites, high-traffic website. InMotion has got everything you need to build a great website with best user experience.


Final words

InMotion Hosting is truly a great option if you wanted a good hosting.

Yes, We Recommend that to You if you wanted a great experience. They have everything you need like good speed, great Uptime, Security, Lots of features and free resources, and advanced tech features.

Its Renewal plan and Customer support might hurt your budget and feelings. But if you have high traffic websites and need advanced hosting to gain great hosting service, InMotion Hosting should be your choice.

You might have liked our article and we have mentioned everything what we know, we research and experiment to give you unbiased and insightful information about InMotion hosting.

See you soon with another reviews.

Thanks for your patience and being a good reader!

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