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IPage Review

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  1. Free Website Builder
  2. 30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee
  3. Good Performance
  4. Responsive Customer Support
  5. Free 200$ Ad Credit
  6. Very Cheap


  1. Restoring Backup is Paid
  2. 3x Renewal Prices
  3. No cPanel (vDeck)
  4. Upsells
  5. No Free Site Migration

iPage is a “not-so-famous” hosting provider. The company that is started in 1998 and currently have over 1 million websites hosted, iPage is for Budget Conscious business owners.

The company has Single plan for shared hosting. This makes it hard for anyone to judge its hosting. iPage has VPS and dedicated hosting too that is hardly known.

iPage is Owned by Endurance International Group, One of three big giants that is currently holding the other hosting brands like Bluehost and Hostgator. EIG is known for ruining the companies they own.

To target the eCommerce business owners, iPage is providing full service on domain and hosting. It has enabled Mobile Optimization and eCommerce integration like Shopping cart and Store Search to attract Small business.

iPage is not the hosting provider you should consider for your business website. But still, let’s not judge it based on emotions or internet rumors. Instead, we can do some monitoring and get data to back our claims in this review.

Features Availability
Auto Backup Yes
Plan upgrading process No
Unique IP No
Access without domain No
Storage Type HDD Storage
Free SSL Let’s Encrypt SSL
Memcached No
Speed optimization No
Cpanel No, instead vDeck
Auto install CMS (WordPress, Magento) Yes
Free Trial No
MoneyBack Guarantee 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
Pricing $1.99/mo for 36 Months term (Go Plan)
Data Center Location 2 (Boston and Waltham)
Site Migration $150 per Site

Performance (Rating: 3.9)

The best performance and Good user experience of any Website is entirely dependent on fast loading speed.

The web page loading speed of iPage is 600 ms whereas the server response time is 423 ms.

It is extremely good compared to their Other subsidiary hosting providers like Bluehost and Hostgator which is owned by its parent company EIG.

iPage is using Openstack/KVM Technology, a high-performing virtual server with high-speed SAN Storage.

They have managed to provide affordable and reliable hosting with this satisfactory loading speed.

Still, they cannot perform well while dealing with the traffic spike. It is mostly due to the presence of 2 Datacenters in the USA and the absence of Cloudflare CDN in their hosting infrastructure.

These Voids are causing them Outages and High server response time of their user website.

Don’t worry, They have Site traffic monitoring. you will get a detailed report of the website visitors, their activities, and suggestions to improve your design and conversion rates.


Uptime (Rating: 3.5)

High Uptime is the second most thing for a website to stay relevant on search engines. An inactive Website is non-existent for the search engines.

iPage has worse Uptime. With 99.82% of Uptime, it has caused 300+ Outages in a year. In a Week, your website will have a downtime of 18 mins which is worse considering the festive seasons.

I know that 18 mins a week don’t sound like a big deal. Let me explain, any changes you made to the website get indexed by Google at any time. Supposedly, you made any changes regarding SEO On the website. Google decides to index it at 5 pm, but your website is not active at the time.

So, you don’t know when Google will be indexing your website next time. It has severely affected the SEO score of websites to rank them on search results.


Security (Rating: 3.7)

To maintain and secure the Website, iPage has Sitelock security.

Remember that Sitelock is a Paid security Plan that comes with extremely helpful and useful security features. Apart from it, SSL certificates are also there to protect your website and user personal information.

First, it has 24/7 monitoring to detect problems, alert you, and fixed them quickly.

Then, there are various scanners like Malware scan, File-level scanning, Database scanning, web page scanner, PCI compliance scanning, and external scan to find various viruses, harmful codes, Malware, hackers, and spam.

Its Alert System always notifies you about something unusual activity via email or control panel.

It ensures visitors for safety and multiple redundancies ( if a machine fails, a second will start and multiple backups on other systems.)

Sitelock has Real-time Automatic malware protection and account-level malware removal. Sitelock Seal is a Safety “Green light indicator” for an e-commerce website. This protection system can increase your conversion rate by 15%.

Many websites have different potential vulnerabilities and Viruses that can easily blacklist your website by Google. You can save that potential revenue loss and website blacklisting through Sitelock Website security.

This fast response Web security Sitelock can cost you $3.99/mo at an Essential level.


Features (Rating: 3.2)

iPage is providing a single plan for shared web hosting. They have been offering many good features to consider on your website.

Unlimited Websites and Unlimited domains can host on a single plan with unlimited storage.

You will get Free Domain for a Year, Free Standard Email Address, and Free Website Builder.

iPage Website Builder helps you create mobile-friendly websites with good SEO and Customizable design templates. They have a 1-Click WordPress installer and various other CMS Platforms.

It has better eCommerce tools for Online Business websites like Online Store, Search plugin, Paypal Integrations, Shopping carts, and Email Marketing Integration.

You will get the Domain Privacy WHOIS tool and Site Authentication Seal to protect your private information and secure a good User Experience.

It has better email marketing tools that help you Automate your emails, Auto-respond to subscribers, and continuously check and remove the virus and spam emails to keep your inbox safe.

iPage offers you Free Marketing and Search engine Credits like $100 for Google Adwords, $25 for Bing/Yahoo ads, and $50 for Facebook ads. A free listing is available on yellowpages.com to make your local business searchable.


Support (Rating: 3.0)

iPage can appreciate itself for, if anything, is Customer Support. Currently, they are providing excellent Customer Support with a response time of 1 minute.

They are present 24/7 via email, phone, and Live Chat. They are responsive and very knowledgeable. You are directly asking for their help, or even they can solve your website glitch without your interference.

On indirect mode, iPage has large knowledge base particularly categorized in various topics. Articles, tutorials, Question forums, Videos, Guides, and community help are their indirect customer support.

Still, many customers are complaining that iPage is not handling their various requests at once. Their support is not helpful and responsive. During the conversation, they will try to upsell other services.


Value for Money (Rating: 3.5)

iPage is providing 30 days Moneyback guarantee for his hosting plan.

You can get a refund during your first 30 days after purchasing the plan.

Something which is not refundable:-

1. $15 domain fee if you purchase it from iPage

2.  SSL certificates

3. Sitelock Website security

4. Other add-ons services.

For me, iPage is not worthy of hosting for high-traffic websites.


Hosting Pros (Detailed review)

1. Free Website Builder

iPage has its in-house Website Builder with premium offerings to the business and eCommerce websites.

It is free for shared hosting. You can easily build 6 pages for free, and Hundreds of thousands of images are available to design your website. Page Layout and SEO tools are also provided to improve the UX/UI design and Performance quality of the website.

Business and eCommerce Websites are Paid plans with Unlimited Page creation, Site Analytics, Inventory Management, and Online Product store.

2. 30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee

iPage has 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee on their every hosting plan. You can cancel your hosting plan by submitting your Application via Email and Live Chat Support.

You will get a refund except for Domain fees (if purchased from iPage), SSL certificates fee, and Sitelock Security charges.

3. Good Performance

iPage has Good Speed performance. Compare to its contemporary hosting provider like Hostgator, iPage is providing a fast Web page loading speed of 600ms.

iPage is working better on South American Customers with an average page loading speed of 190ms. It has two Datacenters in the USA (Boston and Waltham) and reliable OpenStack Technology to get high-speed virtual servers for fast speed.

4. Responsive Customer Support

iPage can praise themselves for excellent and responsive Customer support. They are offering 24/7 Customer support via Live Chat, Phone, and Email.

Their categorized knowledge base can easily help you resolve the issues ourselves. It can be a better option to gain knowledge about hosting and websites.

5. Free 200$ Ad Credit

iPage is giving free Ad credit to encourage the new business website owners for Customer engagements and Brand awareness on the social platform.

You will get a free $200 Ad credit on the purchase of Shared Hosting. $100 for Google AdWords, $25 for Bing ads, and $50 for Facebook ads.

6. Very Cheap

iPage is a very affordable and reliable hosting provider. For 36 month term, you will get various hosting perks and Website offerings at the cost of $1.99/mo.

It has a single shared hosting plan where you will get unlimited websites, storage, and databases. Along with 24/7 support, you will have a free domain for a year, a free website builder, 1-Click CMS installer, Online Store, and Payment Integration.


Hosting cons (Detailed review)

1. Restoring Backup is Paid

iPage creates website backup automatically. Your backup will be stored for 2 weeks. But you can’t restore your backup without paying a high price.

You have to pay $150 for restoring your backup which doesn’t sound nice. Paying as high as $150 is not worth it until you have sensitive and rare information. Your files will be hostage till you paid the price.

2. 3x Renewal Prices

High Renewal rates are burning the wallet and checks of website owners. iPage is charged as high as 3x renewal rates than its initial discounted price.

For its Shared Hosting, you will have to pay $7.99/mo to compare to the initial price of $1.99/mo. Other than the renewal price, you will pay for a website, SSL certificates, and Sitelock Security which doesn’t seem ethical to me.

3. No cPanel ( vDeck)

Most of us like cPanel Control Panel. cPanel has a simple UI and Clean Dashboard. iPage has created their control panel vDeck which seems uncluttered and Visually appealing to me.

iPage Control panel is Good for beginners and someone who doesn’t need advanced features. But Advanced Webmasters will always prefer cPanel for its easy setup, advanced features, and Familiarity with its UI design.

4. Upsells

iPage is giving competition to Godaddy in terms of unnecessary Upsells. I have reviewed almost 30+ hosting providers. No one is charging for Security features, unlike iPage hosting.

Even during the Shopping cart page, iPage adds many tools and plugins themselves to increase overall purchase value. Many of these add-ons are of no use to the website.

5. No free site migration 

iPage does provide site migration just like other hosting providers. It is difficult to migrate the sites on your own through vDeck (it looks similar to cPanel).

It is technically challenging to manually migrate your website from other hosting to iPage Hosting. What is most Frightening is the $150 one-time migration fee. After paying $150, you can set up the things without any hassles.


Hosting Pricing

iPage provides many types of hosting plans. These hosting plans are different from each other due to extra features, functionality and offers. They have Cheap Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting.

All these plans come in 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months periods. Here, we will talk about 36 months period plans. Let’s understand them one by one in detail.


Cheap Web Hosting

Web hosting is a Popular and Entry-level Option that allows the various website to be hosted on a single server. It is very affordable in compared to benefits it is providing. You must share all resources and offers provided by the hosting provider. It has only 1 plan: Go Plan.

This Plan is attractive for small and medium-sized businesses. If you are an influencer, freelancer or new creator, this Web hosting will be useful for launching a new blog, showing portfolios, and starting a new business.

It has faster website speed with WordPress optimization and a User-Friendly Control Panel. With its high quality and Feature-rich hosting, it is a fast and reliable hosting provider to run your website at an affordable price.

GO Plan: – It is starting at $1.99/month for 36 month term.

It has various convenient offering in its plans like –

  • Free Domain for a year
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • FREE Standard email address
  • iPage Website Builder
  • 1-Click WordPress install and flexible designs
  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • Search Engine ad credits worth $200 (US/CA only)
  • Ecommerce tools like Online Store, Shopping Carts, PayPal Integrations, etc.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

Along with that they have World Class Technology in Security Suite, Performance servers, 24/7 Network monitoring and Site traffic reporting, etc. These plans are beginner friendly, and developer can easily make changes in them.

WordPress Hosting

This hosting is specifically WordPress optimized to get a safer website with easy migration, better security, and faster loading speed. WordPress is known for easy to build websites. They are very scalable and customized CMS solutions today. You will get various wordpress tools and resources for free or at a low cost.

With already installed WordPress, you get WordPress optimized stacks like WP-CLI, PHP8, and many more. You can have many free themes templates for design and premium plugins like Jetpack license.

They have added various convenient offering in their plans like –

  • Automatic WordPress install and updates
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free domain for a year
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Pre-installed themes & plugins
  • Search engine friendly
  • 24/7/365 WordPress Support

Now let’s have look at our pricing table. Remember that they have some features and offerings in common among different plans. So, we have mentioned them above.

Hosting Plans WP Starter WP Essential
Websites 1 Unlimited
Automatic malware removal Yes
SiteLock professional security Available
Price $3.75/mo $6.95/mo

And, in case if you have no idea about WP-CLI. WP-CLI or WordPress Command Line Interface allows to configure multiple sites, update plugins without using a Web Browser.

WordPress Hosting is recommended. Its features are enough to provide the best performance and high-quality security for your website at nominal prices.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is very secure and reliable hosting. They will get secure virtual hosting like dedicated hosting at half the cost. It has strengthened the security and enhanced performance of the website. VPS hosting is managed by a team of technical experts which helps you to focus only on business parts and not technical parts.

Server management will handle cPanel, technical operations, performance, customer support and customize of the website on your behalf. This secure hosting solution will give you peace of mind and total hand-off management of your server.

They have some of the common features useful for every VPS hosting plans –

  • Free Website Migrations
  • Free domain for a year
  • CentOS 7 Operating System
  • Full Root Access and Advanced Customization
  • Semi-private resources for maximum speed and reliability
  • cPanel
  • Pre-installed scripts like PHP5/Perl/Python
  • Cloud-based flexibility
  • 24/7 Managed Support

Now let’s have look at our pricing table. Remember that they have some features and offerings in common among different plans. So, we have mentioned them above.

Hosting Plans Basic Business Optimum
CPU Cores 1 2 4
Disk Space 40 GB 90 GB 120 GB
RAM 1 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB 3 TB 4 TB
Dedicated IP 1 IP Address 2 IP Address 2 IP Address
Price $19.99/mo $47.99/mo $79.99/mo

High-availability and Scalability are the reasons that VPS hosting is used in various fields. These features give them better speed, power, security server management and affordability to launch any size app or website. All these VPS are in isolated and private areas which protects their data and increase bandwidth threshold.

They are very beneficial hosting in Server Software Testing, Collaborative File Editing, Media Streaming, Project Management, Social Networking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Video Teleconferences, Server Security Hardening, etc.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is basically an individual physical server for 1 entity or business. They are resource rich server used by big organization to handle heavy traffic and protect their multiple websites from unlimited malware attacks. It has high storage capacity, hyper fast loading speed and reliability.

There are many common useful features we have in the dedicated hosting plans –

  • Free Website Migrations
  • Free domain for a year
  • CentOS 7 Operating System
  • Full Root Access and Total Customization
  • Dedicated resources for maximum speed, Security and reliability
  • cPanel
  • Pre-installed scripts like PHP5/Perl/Python
  • Cloud-based flexibility
  • 24/7 Managed Support

They have cover up every aspect of best hosting features. But they are also using Bare Metal server and commercial High grading security to make the system perform better and defend cyberattacks.

Now let’s have look at our pricing table. Remember that they have some features and offerings in common among different plans. So, we have mentioned them above.

Hosting Plans Startup Professional Enterprise
CPU Cores 2 4 4
Disk Space 500 GB 1000 GB 1000 GB
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Bandwidth 5 TB 10 TB 15 TB
Dedicated IP 3 IP Addresses 4 IP Addresses 5 IP Addresses
Price $19.99/mo $47.99/mo $79.99/mo

Dedicated Hosting are built for startups who have sensitive users’ information. This hosting avoids any kind of vulnerabilities or network outrage and breaks your speed barrier.


Hosting FAQ

Where is iPage hosting located?

iPage hosting is headquartered in Arizona, USA, and has only two data centers in the USA (Boston and Waltham). iPage is started as a Full web service provider in 1998 but switched to a Web hosting provider in 2009. The Company gets criticized for its poor quality service.

Is iPage Upsells too much?

Yes, iPage is very infamous for its constant upselling. But it’s not their fault. They are owned by EIG that is known for ruining the companies they acquire.

When they acquired brands like Hostgator and Bluehost, Many users faced many outages and a low level of security. Users are getting poor quality of service and they are leaving these hosting brands. So, to increase profitability, they constantly Upsells during hosting purchases. They are always after profits.


Final Words

It will not recommend iPage hosting to any of our readers. If you still want to try them, You can build your portfolio websites. That’s it, not anything more.

iPage used to provide good service and have world-class customer support to help its users. Since they are not in good hands, we can only hope that someday they will go after quality offerings.

If you are looking for the best hosting for your business website, Do check out our other hosting reviews. In the world of Chaos, Cut the noise and have unbiased reviews based on data.

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